The penumbra is a strange, haunted place where most spirits lie in slumber. Many are sustained only by their earthly connections but the Gauntlet is bound so tightly that connection is whisper thin.

Causeways exist into the Umbra that supersede the ability to do so naturally. These are paths into spirit world like gates or doors. Some of these lead directly to realms in the deeper parts of the umbra as they remain. In these realms hidden in the corners of the place beyond spirits exist with more strength and clarity then the penumbra.

Aetherial Realm

So much happened in this realm during the height of the Apocalypse. Mad Rorg set things in motion prophesied by the Phoenix tens of thousands of years ago. The ancient ritual developed in the infant days of the Changing breeds saved Gaia from extinction but at the cost of Luna. She sacrificed herself and was shattered. Gaia’s defenders came together to preserve her spirit before the Apocalypse came to a close. Now in this new world Luna’s broken body is reunited bound by wicked black chains. But her purpose is somewhat of a mystery.

These events surrounding Luna and other smaller events that followed aligned the Aetherial Realm closer to the Penumbra. As one travels into space places of spirit and physicality intertwine and strange spirits swim through the black. As life struggles on Earth those powers that remained sought to colonize other worlds and have met with some minor success.


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