The youngest of the Mockery breeds but arguably the second most successful. They flowered out of Africa into all corners of the world claimed by Pentex. Serving as the elite troops of the Yeren they enjoy privilege second only to their masters.

The Kerasi plucked the black rhinoceros from extinction in the throes of the Apocalypse. And along side their kin they thrived. Possibly the most numerous Mockery breed they are widely known where ever Pentex holds sway.


Kerasi have managed to develop a normal Homid form. Though it is rarely the most handsome visage.

Can enter the umbra as a Garou.

They may learn gifts and start with the small pool they have developed as their own.

They do not receive or learn fomori powers though they may learn some as gifts.

Renown: No categories are finalized at this time. The Kerasi do not know their place yet in this new world. If even they are destined one.

Backgrounds: In addition to normal limitations detailed else where in the wiki the Kerasi have access to.

1. Pure Breed is starting to develop among the Kerasi but is capped at two. It does not incur the negative penalties in megalopolis’.

2.Kinfolk is capped at three at creation. They managed to save their animal kin from the brink of extinction before the height of the Apocalypse and now they thrive in the scarred world.

3.Spirit heritage is capped at three. Even though they are members of the Pact they are no great spiritualists among the breed yet.

4.Totem costs double experience and is not available at character creation. Spirits as they are remain wary of the Kerasi.

5.Influence is widely available to the Kerasi within the megalopolis’ and each Kerasi starts with one for free.

6.Ancestors can be channeled at difficulty eight do to the lack of Ancestors to drawn on.


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