Some Backgrounds are altered across the board. All Backgrounds cost experience. Unless otherwise noted Totem costs new level times two and everything else is new level times one.

Allies and Contacts work normally as described in the books.

Ancestors is now difficulty six.

Fate is not being used.

Fetishes work the same but are considered contraband by most settlements.

Kinfolk are capped at two at character creation unless stated otherwise.

Mentors are capped at three if they are a changing breed. Five dot mentors can be purchased but must take some other form.

Pure Breed flags the character as a “problem statistic” and incurs a +1 difficulty to social rolls to non shifters at level 3 and +2 at level 5. Any level is cause for harassment by bored authorities.

Resources will be scrutinized to match concepts and setting.

Rite are rare and unless otherwise stated at capped at three. Any published rite suffers at least a +1 to the difficulty.

Spirit heritage functions normally unless stated otherwise.

Totem cannot be taken at character creation.

Influence exists within various megalopolis such as The Garden and Kingscrown or Utopia. Use of Utopian influence is at +1 difficulty unless stated otherwise.

Other backgrounds specific to breed will be addressed in that breed’s wiki.


The Song remains the same drunkencoyote