Although the Yeren rallied the werefrogs under their unholy banner they did so begrudgingly. Widely considered the weakest of the Mockery breeds they desperately strain to cling to survival amid the orders they receive from their corporate masters.

They scout coastlines and the water ways closest to the megalopolis’ but rarely wander very far out of a reasonable terror of the Black zones. Much of the time they are forced to hide away in the massive sewer systems raising themselves up only by sheer chance.


One in forty Anurana metis are fertile. They produce more Metis.

Anurana can step sideways normally under water. If said water is polluted the difficulty is lowered by one but no lower then six.

Anurana have been forced into the Pact by the Yeren’s unholy masters. They start with no gifts and any they buy are purchased at level times six. As such they do not possess the three aforementioned Fomori powers.

Renown: No categories are finalized at this time. The Anurana do not know their place yet in this new world. If even they are destined one.

Backgrounds: In addition to normal limitations detailed else where in the wiki the Anurana have access to.

1.Pure Breed the Anurana may not Pure Breed.

2.Rites are capped at one at creation. They have barely started to grasp a spiritual understanding even after several generations under the Pact.

3.Anurana may take a free level of Contacts if they live within or near of the Pentex megalopolis.

4.Ancestors are capped at two at creation but suffer no other penalties despite their youth as a breed.


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