As the Apocalypse raged on and sought to tear causality into jagged splinters or perfect stillness the Anasasi went about serving their Queen secure in the knowledge doing their part in her great plan would save them all. Then the Weaver changed all that when her agents stole Queen Ananasa from Malfeas.

Used as a focal point the Drones from Katsugura Inc sought to first steel the Gauntlet to all but the Weaver and then to further abuse the link to enslave the spider changers completely. In the first regard they were partially successful

In regards to the second they had failed utterly. Even in the face of the full might of the Weaver the Queen was able to maneuver just enough to disrupt the link and save her children. It cost her her life.

Now the chosen are rare even if the blood flows through many of what is left in mankind. And without the initial instruction given by the Queen many Anasasi are burdened with a lack of direction, something their kind has clenched onto since the dawn of their race. Luckily something remains, enough at least that newly changed Anasasi instinctively know their Aspect. The Law of Ananasa is still taught widely through spiderkind.


Entering the Umbra can only be done within the confines of a crafted structure in Crawlerling form at difficulty eight with the expenditure of a Gnosis. The difficulty to craft said structure must be at least 6 to qualify. Anasasi may try to enter the Umbra in Utopia anywhere in Crawlerling at difficulty 9 without spending Gnosis.

No real Factions exist even if the shadows of them are still being mimicked. Thus Ananasi begin with no faction gift.

No Ananasi receive the bonuses of Queen Ananasa’s patronage as a totem. If spirits can be reached the Spiders must forge new alliances.

With their Queen dead and their purpose muddled the Werespiders are more prone to lashing out. Their is no penalty to supernaturally induce frenzy.


No categories are finalized at this time. The Ananasi do not know their place yet in this new world. If even they are destined one.


1.Totem adheres to the normal rules in the wiki. This means as previously mentioned Queen Ananasa is not a free totem.

2.Hatar Ananasi receive Resources 1 and one level of Influence in one of the Pentex megalopolis’.

3.Tenere Ananasi receive one level of Contacts and one level of influence in Utopia.

4.Kumoti Ananasi receive the Venomous merit for free.


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