After the End times Cockroach fully accepted the Wereroaches as his true children. The adoption helped empower the breed, giving them a modicum of legitimacy in the spirit world as it remains. They loyally serve their spiritual father’s whims but keep their devotion secret from their masters in Pentex.

The Mockery breed has evolved into something strong but the insanity threaded in their birth refuses to fade.


All Samsa suffer one permanent derangement. It varies from Samsa to Samsa but supersedes the previous psychological weakness in the breed.

Samsa can step sideways normally except in Pentex megalopolis where they reduce the difficulty by one.

Samsa are included in the Pact and can learn some gifts. Any gift taught by Cockroach is considering “in tribe” and the breed possesses several unique powers.

Samsa no longer possess the Fomori powers Animal Control or Cause Insanity. Cause Insanity is now available as a Rank two gift.

Samsa possess a third crawlering form much like the Ananasi but as cockroaches. Ungeziefer has the same traits for Attributes, their serrated exoskeleton attack is aggravated. They possess an Antenna which gives them the ability to see in the dark and adds +3 to Perception checks but offers no other powers innately.

Samsa still only have two breeds but 1 in 30 Metis is fertile.

All Samsa start with a free level of Computers, Science or Stealth their choice.

Renown:No categories are finalized at this time. The Samsa do not know their place yet in this new world. If even they are destined one.

Backgrounds: In addition to normal limitations detailed else where in the wiki the Samsa have access to.

1.Pure Breed is not available to the Samsa at this time.

2.Spirit heritage is handled normally but Samsa are considered to have one level for free that stacks with any actual levels taken.

3.Kinfolk is not available at creation.

4.Rites are capped at two at creation. Though they were probably the easiest to adjust to the Pact they still are learning.

5.Totem can be taken at character creation but only if its Cockroach.


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