From Pescadero,California to Pacific city, Oregon as far inland as interstate five earthquakes have collapsed that land into the sea. A jaggeg line from Portland to Manteca is now coastal property.

Mexico is an irradiated desert. Some small communities hold out in the Black zones but the dense Thunderwyrm population makes that. Fangtown is the exception.

The Gulf of Mexico has swallowed Texas as far north as Dallas, all of Louisana, as far north into Arkansas as El Dorado, most of Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia, half of South Carolina and all of Florida.

That same ocean swell and a rash of category five hurricanes Cuba to Puerto Rico is under the sea.

The span of ocean between Siberia and Alaska has frozen solidly and has remained a sturdy land mass of ice for a century with no sign of depreciating.

The Hawaiian islands filled with fissures of poisonous gas.


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