The End of Days have come and gone

The world ended nearly two hundred years ago. The culmination of a prophecy uttered for hundreds of millennium prior. Gaia’s vanguard stood against two forces of existence, both consumed by madness intent on tearing reality to shreds. Some victory must have been reached but in the aftermath the forces of Corruption and Order dominate humanity in spawning city states seeping corporate sleaze and a nation ruled by unyielding discipline. Gaia is forgotten or has forgotten this world.

History is tightly controlled so the past is shrouded in folklore and propaganda. Even the oral history kept alive by those groups of people who try their luck outside the walls is fractured and incomplete. What is clear is that the world refuses to be tamed again. Heroes are reborn in chains, no purpose to guide them. They may choose to seek out the secrets of the past and return to ancient roles or in this almost alien world they may choose a new path for their people.

The spirits are insane or asleep. Cthonic forces believe themselves unassailable. But you have found out that you are something unique reborn. Will you do what you must to survive? To find your place you must answer one simple question….

When will you Rage?

The Song remains the same

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