Rokea inhabit the first foothold of the Wyld‘s ascension that defines the triatic pecking order in the new world. After Luna’s shattering one of the largest shards plummeted into the Indian ocean. Facing total extinction as the sea died from the Great Black the Rokea looked to their Darkwater mystics. The Darkwaters devised a ritual that sacrificed their grottoes to amplify the Wyld energies from the shard. Life churned from the sea and from the foam primordial monsters swam to reclaim the oceans of the new world.

Now the Rokea hold onto small pockets under the waves against super predators and the rise of the mysterious Chulorviah. The majority of the population lives in the water but no stigma exists for Homid members of the breed.


Rokea can no longer perceive spirits of the deep unaided.

Renown:No categories are finalized at this time. The Rokea do not know their place yet in this new world. If even they are destined one. Though they maintain their agelessness none of the pre-Apocalypse Rokea of any note worthy rank survived.

Backgrounds: In addition to normal limitations detailed else where in the wiki the Rokea have access to.

1.Kinfolk are treated normal for purposes of purchase and restrictions.


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